Evans, Jaffray, Knox, Bell and Weatherley:

my roots

The aim of this site is to make a record of my family - Jaffray, Knox and Bell on my mother's side, and Weatherley and Evans on my father's.


This is the start of my journey through my family's story. It is a journey as yet unfinished, a journey in fact, without end. It has taken me to the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, to Ireland, to London, to Cornwall, to the Habsburg-Austrian empire, and even to Australia. Offshoots of the family are known to have started their own dynasties in Canada and the USA.


For me it all started with a diary written by Alexander Jaffray. My mother had this in her possession when she died. It was a memoir written by Alexander Jaffray in the 17th century and is followed by a commentary written by a 19th century descendant. 

During my journey I have explored four branches of my family. As I did so I have gathered details of World War 1 heroes, entered the worshipful world of livery companies and gentlemen's clubs, followed the wartime exploits in Greece of my one-time opera singer grandmother, recorded some of my father's military career during World War II, traced one branch back to shipbuilders in Cornwall, and before that to stonemasons in Devon. I also found the farmhouse in Donegal where my namesake Lucinda lived in the 19th century.


One fascinating trail caused me to read about Austrian revolutionaries against the Habsburg empire to discover a namesake.


I have found out more and more about the Jaffrays of Aberdeen of diary fame, and though the story is not finished,  and after several years of on-and-off research (months, even years elapsed between my efforts) I finally made the connection with Alexander Jaffray (1614-1674) and can now trace back to the diarist (and beyond). Alexander Jaffray, Provost of Aberdeen, was my 8 x Great Grandfather. He was an early member of the Society of Friends, and he and his son were imprisoned more than once for their beliefs.


I have corresponded with potential family members all over the world and discovered some amazing information garnered by others on similar quests.


So, if you have ancestors in the Jaffray or Bell (also Knox) line (my mother's side) or in the Evans and Weatherley line (Dad's side) please use the contact form to get in touch. 


This is a work-in-progress. As I find out more facts, locate photos, visit more places, I will add them here.