Robert Stuart Jaffray

Robert Stuart Jaffray, b 1890; d. 1955. I hardly knew my grandfather, Robert.  He had a brother, Walter, who died young, and a sister, Elsie, who married Dr. George Roberts. Elsie had one daughter, my second cousin Lois.


Robert was of a fairly delicate disposition, having been invalided out of the Army in 1915 as "no longer fit physically for War Service".  He had served for two and a half years and was described as "honest, sober and trustworthy" on his discharge papers.  In fact he spent his last years in a sanatorium, suffering from multiple sclerosis. My mother adored him, and often talked about his intellect and wit. He married my grandmother, Annie Elizabeth Bell , in 1919, and my mother, Mary, was born in 1920 and her sister, Frances Anne Elizabeth, in 1924. He adored his children.

  He worked at a bank. On my mother's birth certificate he is described as being 'ex Private London Scottish'. When my mother started work in London, she used to travel with him on the train, and from him picked up her love of the Daily Telegraph crossword puzzle.

  My grandmother missed her former life as an opera singer, and, when the Second World War came, and with her husband practically an invalid, she joined the ambulance service and went to Greece. My grandfather lived until 1955. I remember being taken to visit him at a huge hospital in Chelsea, with long, echoing, marble corridors. He was sitting in a wheelchair and seemed very sad. Below is an image of his discharge. He was probably injured or gassed in the war and had muscular sclerosis. I wonder if it was brought on because of his injuries.