Gladys Weatherley

Gladys Louise Weatherley was the 10th of 11 children, 9 girls and two boys. Her parents were William Henry Weatherley and Ann Weatherley , née Davis.  Amazingly my grandmother was the only one of all those girls who married, although Doris did marry in middle age; the rest all stayed at their family home at 28 Highbury Hill, in North London.  When I was a child I used to see most of the great aunts at Christmas when they came to visit my grandparents.  One of them, Lena, was my brother's godmother. Another, Emily, was an expert wood carver.  My sister still owns a cabinet carved by her, and I have a spinning stool, also by her. Brother Piers has a mirror surround which was also carved by Emily.

  Gladys married my grand-father, Bertie Langham Evans at St. Augustine's Church, Highbury on 20th October 1914.  They went to India until 1920 when my father, Dennis Frederick Langham was born.  She had two surviving children, my father and my uncle, Alan Langham Evans.  She represented a generation that saw tremendous change in social life.  From a sheltered middle-class background with several servants in a large house in Highbury, North London, to the 1960s and 1970s when she had no domestic help at all, save a lady who came in to clean a couple of times a week.  

  Granny was always humming as she pottered around the house.  She kept a box of toys in the kitchen for us children when we visited, and her own precious porcelain doll, Gracie, with a complete wardrobe of exquisite Edwardian clothes.  I was allowed to play with her when I stayed with Granny and Grandpa.  Gracie still resides with my sister Denise in Spain.  I also remember some wonderful pop-up fairy story books from her childhood.  She must have looked after her possessions when she was a child - everything was as if new.  When I stayed overnight, I loved her breakfasts - she made fried bread with tomatoes such as I have never tasted since.

  She died in 1979, two and a half years after Grandpa.  They are both buried at St. Peter and St. Paul's Church at Chaldon, Surrey, where they lived from 1920.

Granny Evans with my father Dennis (right) and uncle Alan.