William Weatherley 1849 - 1924

William Weatherley is described on my grandparents' marriage certificate as "Gentleman". He lived with his wife, Ann (b. 1849) in a large house in Highbury, North London. They had 11 surviving children, 9 girls and 2 boys. Of these only my grandmother and the boy, Edward, married, although sister Doris married much later in life at the age of 54. His obituary in the Highbury newspaper tells us that he was the "father of the Poulters Livery Company, being elected to the Livery in 1870 and to the Court of Assistance in 1879. In 1870 he was also elected on the committee of the Fishmongers and Poulterers Institution, of which he was Chairman for 30 years, and was honorary treasurer until his death." To the right is a photograph of him in his regalia. He looks rather stern and forbidding - a typical Victorian gentleman.